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Order receipt

A few days before the shipment of the products Manager shall inform the client about the exact date of shipment of the product, size and weight of the products. On the basis of these data the client sends transport corresponding to these parameters.

Approximate dimensions of the pallet - 40×1200×3100 mm. Weight of one pallet is about 2 tons. During transporting you can not put more than three packages above each other.

For obtaining of products the representative of the Customer must have a valid power of attorney in the form M-2. In this case, the shipping documents shall be submitted for signature by the Customer, or on the day of shipment sent by post to his office.

If the person who receive products is entitled to sign documents, he must have a seal of the enterprise. In this case the power of attorney is not required.

If you made an order through our dealers, the procedure of receipt can be changed according to demands of the country where dealer office is located.