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About LTM

LTM was founded in 1974 in Lahti (Finland) and quickly gained popularity as a manufacturer of high quality and reliable facade materials. For three decades LTM has grown from a small manufacturer of regional importance to a large company, exporting its products to various countries of the world. The main markets for LTM are in the North, West, Central and Southern Europe, Russia and the CIS, the Baltic States, the Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE).

Производственное здание ЛТМ в ОбнинскеLTM Factory in Obninsk


To achieve this growth we always pay special attention to the ongoing work on the quality of products. We conducted various studies and trials. The technology has been amended in accordance with the requirements of the time; also there were machinery  investments.  As a result we also significantly expanded the range of our products. 

In Russia LTM trademark extension appeared to be in the early 90's. During next 10 years we supplied it with the help of dealer organizations. The creation of a (representative) office in Moscow became obvious in 2003. Since that time we managed to improve logistics & services. And all this is for our customers. At the same time it was decided to build a factory (CYNOP/CEMCOLOUR) nearby Moscow to ensure the growing demand for LTM  products in Russia.

In April 2006, we built the most modern decorative coatings production line, installed at the factory in Ruza, Moscow region. Today, the factory produces CYNOP, CEMCOLOUR, CemColour Structure boards with acrylate and polyurethane decorative coatings of any color, which have improved fire resistance and moisture resistance. Designed by Finnish specialists painting line enables to produce about 2000 m2 of panels CYNOP, 1000 m2 of panels CEMCOLOUR, 1000 m2 CemColour Structure a day.

In October 2008, a unique factory in Russia, "LTM" LLC (Obninsk, Kaluga region),  entered the holding company to produce fiber cement boards for exterior and interior design branded CEMBOARD, Aqua, Flamma, Ventus. The factory is equipped with European high-tech facilities and uses the "flow on" technology for manufacturing high-quality fiber cement panels of high-density atmospheric drying. The estimated capacity of a factory is 2,5 million m2 per year.

The interaction of the two plants in the same region has reduced the production time of fiber-cement panels and significantly improved logistics. Existence of its own resource base allows us to be independent of imports, which gives the ability to produce high-quality material at stable prices in the shortest possible time.

So, the LTM is the first company that provides a full production cycle of fiber cement panels in Russia - from the manufacture of the board plate to the application of the protective coating, which allows us to offer decorative facades at an affordable price and also to provide customers convenient service.