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We use advanced technologies and equipment to ensure high quality of products.

Production and coating of boards are made at three plants of the holding LTM. In 2008 we ran a unique factory  to produce fiber cement boards branded CEMBOARD. This factory is equipped with European high-tech facilities and uses the "flow on" technology for manufacturing high-quality fiber cement panels of high-density atmospheric drying. The estimated capacity of a factory is 5 million m2 per year. 

Панели, готовые к прессованию

The special properties of the boards' material CEMBOARD allow you to use it in extreme conditions in northern Russia, and coastal areas with warm climate.

This makes it possible to use them as the base plates not only in the CEM-system, but also in the various ventilated facades' systems of other (Russian & European) companies.

Press machine, Obninsk 

Линия формирования плиты

That is why LTM offers you an alternative choice of the surface from natural stone and light texture to the smooth, finished surfaces.

Using non/transparent coatings in production allows customer to combine different colours&tints. This gives to modern and traditional buildings individual look.

Board machine, Obninsk 

Coating of the plates is being done at a factory production line installed in Ruza.,allowing to produce boards with acrylate and polyurethane decorative coatings of(in) any color, with increased fire and moisture resistances. 

Линия покраски плиты Линия покраски плиты
Coating machine, Ruza 









Self-cleaning is also very important to be obtained during the maintenance. The coatings contain special dust-and dirt-repellent components, as well as glass microspheres that form channels for moisture may drain through. In this way moisture and dust on the surface of the plates do not mix or dry out forming a dirty spot, but removed.