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High quality of the products is a priority for LTM 
The facilities at the factory of LTM are currently the one of the most modern in the world. The production process is fully automated.
There is a strict control  of quality at each stage of production: from receiving of raw materials to loading finished products in vehicles. Incoming raw materials are carefully inspected and all the unsuitable ones are rejected. All LTM boards are checked in our own laboratory and are up to international quality standards. Here are the details of quality control at our factory.

Compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation
LTM respects all the requirements that are applied to manufacturers in Russia. Our boards and all the Cem-System standed all necessary tests. As a result, we managed to receive technical certificates of Russian Construction Committee. Our panels also standed sanitary-and-epidemiologic controls. This is also confirmed by the certificate.
All LTM's CEM-system components are also certified.

Manufacturer's warranty 
LTM provides up to 15 years' warranty on its products. However, we have thirty years of experience to affirm the panels' firmness potential is decades.

LTM has two priorities: meet the needs of customers and long-term compliance with public interests. That is why we pay special attention to environmental protection.
All materials of LTM Company are environmentally friendly and harmless to human health. Their composition does not include asbestos fibers which may cause lung cancer.
Production of boards and its coating are also environmentally friendly processes. You can be absolutely sure that do not harm the environment and human health, when you purchase LTM's panels.
There is also a calculation for stability of Cem-system for buildings up to 150 meters.
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