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Преимущества навесных вентилируемых фасадов

Facing&Coating is very popular option for builnings today. Ventilated facades are in the top place in the rating of it.  They are affordable and have easy mounting properties. Ventilated facade system is safe and reliable. What more indispensable things should the proprietors need to?

Almost everyone knows today that under cladding panel the high-quality insulation is hidden, and there is a ventilated air layer below. Such system gives the building a number of advantages, including improved heat and sound insulation. Also this system greatly increases the maximum life of the building. The installation of the ventilated facades is possible in any season of the year with no problems.

Ventilated facade system consists of the boards. You can easily find them installed on: under restoration constructions, offices, cottages, high-rise buildings and many others.


You can purchase ventilated facade for any building site due to its multiple applications.


 LTM's "Cem-system"

"Cem-system" is a ventilated facade product, entirely developed by LTM. It's composed of a support frame made ​​of stainless steel and coated with zinc; non-combustible mineral wool insulation and LTM's fiber cement boards.