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Facade boards

The facades of the buildings have always attracted attention. LTM offers facade options as to architects and building companies, as well as for private developers. Facades should be durable, regardless of any conditions. LTM’s fiber cement boards comply with this requirement: we’ve been covering buildings successfully for several tens of years in different countries with different climatic conditions.


Our boards can be used as for new buildings and for the reconstruction progress of the old ones. Raw materials, production process and the products are all environmentally friendly. The plant does not produce harmful substances or emissions. Using fiber cement boards has a competitive advantage over different ways of plaster finishing and other similar facade solutions. Front panels can be easily mounted at any time of the year and in any weather conditions.



Фасадная плита CEMBOARD
The foundation plate: CEMBOARD. Can be covered by any color acrylic or polyurethane paint directories RAL, NCS, Monocolour and others, or by pebble gravel.





LTM’s boards are divided into the following types, depending on the way of coverage:

 Фасадная плита CEMCOLOUR

CEMCOLOUR - board with smooth polyurethane coating (matte or glossy surface). 
 Фасадная плита CemColour Structure 

СemColour Structure - board with an acrylic coating with admixtures, which creates the effect of "plaster".
 Фасадная плита СYNOP 

СYNOP - board with matte acrylic coating. The most economical option of plates’ covering.
 Фасадная плита CYNOP Natura 

CYNOP Natura - board dyed in the natural colors.
 Фасадная плита CYNOP Natura PLus 

CYNOP Natura PLus - dyed board, covered with glossy varnish.
 Фасадная плита CEMSTONE 

CEMSTONE - board covered with pebble gravel.