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Fibercement board CEMCOLOUR

CEMCOLOUR is a fiber cement board with smooth superfirm polyurethane surface. The architects can experiment greatly with colors; they may choose any of well-known directories RAL, NCS, MoniColor, TecnoColor. You can get an individual option and compatiblity with the environment.


High-quality CEMCOLOUR's coating allows to use long-term protection from climatic influences and any air pollutions. Application area of urban CEMCOLOUR boards is very extensive: from light modern facades to reconstruction and repairing options.

We offer you three types of coating: matt, semi-matt, mirror (CemColour Glossy).

Panel CEMCOLOUR are easily and quickly mounted. Fastening of panels is carried out with the help of rivets, screws or decorative fixture on the load-bearing steel, aluminum or wooden constructions depending on the project and the desired exterior view of the facade.

The individuality and the effectiveness

Due to a wide range of colors panels CEMCOLOUR, you can create multiple variants of spectacular decoration of facades. Combining plates CEMCOLOUR, for example, with the tree, you can personalize the facade.

Panel CemColour Glossy can be used as a floor inserts in the systems of glass facades.
Composition and appearance
  • The homogeneous structure of cement, passive substances, as well as natural and synthetic fibres
  • Smooth reverse the surface covered with acrylic protective lacquer
  • The external surface is smooth polyurethane

Dimensions 8×1195×3050 mm
Materialfibercement board
Weight15,5 kg/m2
Apparent density1650 kg/m3
Bending modulus of elasticity15 000 Н/mm

On a request it is also possible delivering of boards cut in accordance with a certain size.