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Fibercement board CYNOP

In production of fibercement boards CYNOP water dispersive acrylic paints are used, so they are the most environmentally friendly plates of LTM products. As well as other plates of LTM, CYNOP can be ordered the desirable sizes that will minimize waste. Fibrocement boards don't contain harmful substances and are completely safe for health of the person. CYNOP are a reliable choice for finishing facades.


CYNOP boards are applied both to facing of buildings of the big area, and to finishing of small constructive details. You also can update easily old facades, without breaking their initial architectural shape. LTM developed simple system of installation which allows very quickly to mount panels. Fastening of panels is carried out by means of rivets, screws or decorative fixture on bearing steel, aluminum or wooden guide lines depending on the project and desirable appearance of a facade.


It is possible to choose any color of a covering of CYNOP according to the catalogs RAL, NCS, MoniColor, TecnoColor.

Composition and appearance
  • Uniform structure from cement, passive additives, and also natural and synthetic organic fibers
  • The smooth return surface covered with an acrylic protective varnish
  • On an external surface — smooth ecologically harmless acrylic
Dimensions8×1195×3050 mm
Materialfibercement board
Weight15,5 kg/m2
Apparent density1650 kg/m3
Bending modulus of elasticity15 000 Н/mm

On a request it is also possible delivering of boards cut in accordance with a certain size.